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Drinking tea with Charles Xavier

...art is my therapy...

INTP - like Sherlock Holmes.
German, University student, Female, Hopelessly romantic, Hobby artist.
English, German, Latin, French. Currently learning Mandarin and Japanese.
Interested also in colourful/ exciting fashion, music and architecture. Heavily addicted to languages, stylistic devices, and tea & coffee. I play violin and viola. I can't sing for my life, but I do it anyway.... Same applies to dancing, lol.
I'm very moody, sometimes anxious and depressive, although I try to be an optimist. (I have posted about this on tumblr quite a lot. If it bothers you -and I know some people are not comfortable with reading such things- then I kindly ask you to ignore these posts. I make these posts mainly for myself, because I feel better writing it down.)

I love art. I really, really do. I am drawing literally every day. It helps me to calm down, to relax, to express myself etc. etc. AKA "insert romantic and philosophic sounding standard quotes about creative works here".

Fandoms: X-Men First Class/ Game of Thrones (tv)/ Whitechapel/ Downton Abbey/ Supernatural/ Assassin's Creed/ Sherlock Holmes (all except Elementary)/ Doctor Who/ Avengers (movies)/ One Piece/ Suits/ CLAMP.
Current crushes which will never become reality: James McAvoy/ Michael Fassbender/ Sam Stockwell/ Tom Hiddleston/ Matt Smith/ Misha Collins/ Rob James-Collier/ Colin Firth/ Russell Crowe/ Hugh Jackman/ Ian McKellen.

My (multifandom and personal) blog on tumblr: Sarlyne.tumblr
My art-blog on tumblr for all my glorious (fan)art: SarlyneART@tumblr
Or my deviantArt page for all my glorious (fan)art: meirylu@deviantArt
Fanfiction: Sarlyne@AO3 and Sarlyne@FF.net
Prints: Sarlyne@Society6